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How Burglar Alarms Work

In 2009, the latest year for which data is accessible, there were more than 2 million burglaries in the United States. Not only can a burglary rob you of your possessions and peace of mind, but it may also pose a serious threat to you and your family. For this reason, it may be desirable to have a burglar alarm installed in your home or commercial property.

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Burglar Alarm Functioning

Most alarm systems actually function quite simply. The following is a walkthrough of the basic mechanism of most burglar alarms:

  • The alarm, consisting of an electrical circuit, is installed on a door or window.
  • The alarm system becomes activated
  • If a door or window on which the system is installed opens while activated, the electrical circuit is broken
  • The breaking of the circuit triggers an alarm

More complicated burglar alarm systems, such as motion detection systems, are also available.

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