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Welcome Contractors

Since 1977, Milwaukee Alarm Company has experience in design, installation and monitoring of thousands of HID Card Access, Security, CCTV, Fire Alarm and Security Alarm Systems.  Our customer base includes governmental, residential, commercial and industrial clients.

Milwaukee Alarm Company is eager to work with owners, contractors, architects and engineers.  We look forward to be your valuable resource, whether you use as a system designer, contractor or sub-contractor for new construction or renovation projects.

We specialize in:

Division 28 (Div28) – Electronic Safety and Security

Section 16726 – Security System

IND-680-02 – Access Control Systems and Security Systems
IND-725-54 – Security Systems and Equipment, Communications (Incl. Prison Visitation Telephones)
SRV-920-37 – Networking Services (Including Installation, Security, and Maintenance )
SRV-936-73 – Security and Access Systems Maintenance and Repair
SRV-990-05 – Alarm Services
SRV-990-22 – Card Access Security Services
SRV-990-50 – Installation of Security and Alarm Equipment


We have well-trained staff of security system and fire safety system designers and installers that are  NICET certified with project manager and consulting experience. We install UL approved equipment in accordance to all AHJ (Authority Having Jurisdiction), NFPA-72, Life Safety 101, and IBC requirements and specifications.

Typically, when scheduling an installation, MAC installers need to “pre-wire” the wire, prior to the “drywall hanging” phase (unless, electricians are pulling the wire). Additionally, we will “hook-up” to dry contacts (provided by others) ie: water flow switches, gate valve / tamper switches, Knox Box tampers, Ansul systems, FM-200 systems, and air temperature devices.

Upon your request, we can provide you references for the commercial / industrial installations we have installed in the past. If you desire to schedule an appointment to review or address any of the intricacies involved in your bidding procedures and installation processes, please contact our consulting department.