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Milwaukee Fire Alarms

Fires can severely damage or destroy even the most well-designed and protected buildings. In order to avoid this type of disaster, it is important that you choose and install a reliable and regularly-inspected fire alarm system on your property.

Milwaukee Alarm has over 34 years of experience with fire prevention and safety. Our team knows what it takes to keep you and your family or employees safe from fires.  Our NICET certified fire alarm designers and installers are qualified to install NFPA fire alarm systems. We install UL approved equipment in accordance to all AHJ (Authority Having Jurisdiction), NFPA-72, Life Safety 101, and IBC requirements and specifications. Contact our offices at 414-271-8800 to find out more information about these services.

Keeping Your Property Safe

There are many systems you can install to improve your fire safety and preparedness. At Milwaukee Alarm Company, we provide full-scale fire detection systems as well as single components such as fire extinguishers and smoke detectors. No matter what your budget or interests, we can help you take steps towards safety on your property. Our services frequently include:

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For more information about fire alarm system safety or to review your options, contact Milwaukee Alarm at 414-271-8800.